Hello, and welcome to my page. I am Thomas Snoeck, I live in the beautiful city of Ghent (Belgium) and started photography about 15 years ago. It started small with a cheap and old camera that I “borrowed” from my parents, and an old manual Nikon that my grandmother still had laying around. My grandfather was a photographer and when he found out that I was going to art school a couple of years later he gave me his camera, a Minolta with autofocus (!). I still cherish it very much today, even though my work is mostly digital.
Finished art school, somehow life got in the way and the cameras all found their way on the cupboard. A couple of years later, after taking a trip to the US and taking a nicely timed picture of a grey whale on whale spotting trip in Long Beach, CA the thrill somehow once again got to me.
So I dusted off my old gear and started getting a few shots in again, I got myself a brand new Nikon fullframe wich I still use. Starting Camera Vitrea was for me, a logical consquence. Getting my work out, and using all kinds of means and media to do so.
Camera Vitrea is, first of all, a way of looking at things. That, for me is the basic of photography. So most of all, I take pictures of the things that interest me. I try to create the best possible image reflecting the passion that I feel for the subject.
Before we go 100% philosophical, check out my work or blog posts, get a cup of coffee and enjoy! If you are interested in more work, questions or prints, please contact me on the “contact” page.
Cheers, Thomas
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